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Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer & Electric Goods Supplier

ASIAN CORPORATION Provide very high quality water treatment plant with various type and capacity according to customers’ requirements including related accessories over all the Bangladesh especially in Khulna. We also deliver

Drinking Water Treatment Projects
Industrial Water Management Plant
Commercial Water Plant
Desalination Plant
DM Water treatment Plant
Distillation water Project
Water Still, Iron removal plant
Arsenic Water cure Plant
Surface Water Treatment Plant
Seawater Management Plant
Domestic RO Water Filter
Activated Carbon and other filter media
Water treatment Related Accessories
Auto Jar Filling Line
Jar Brush Wash Machine (Inside & Outside)
Swimming Pool Water Treatment Plant
Swimming Pool Equipment
Water Pump.
Asian corporation is the first water filter supplier in Khulna. We are the top most experienced company is south-east region of Bangladesh and also one of the leading manufacturer in Bangladesh. Our company supplied the plant to NAVY, BGB, Police and RAB camp around the Bangladesh and we are still working with them.

We are offering our best services around the country since this era.

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